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Started following F1 properly for the 2022 season, and enjoying this one too.
I don’t tend to invest in particular drivers or teams, which keeps it interesting even when one driver I don’t like very much is dominating.
With that being said, as an Australian, it is great to see Oscar Piastri developing from the start of what I’m certain will be a successful career; I think he’s doing fantastically.
Watching Alonso able to perform at the front is thrilling, and I’m loving the battle for second place as Mercedes are finally able to move forward too.

Haven’t kept up with it this season as much as last but I watched the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday and it was pretty good. Starting to get tired of Verstappen dominating the sport but I still get a thrill out of seeing and hearing anything with that much horsepower. I used to like Nascar alot. I still go to at least one Talladega race a year. I’m blessed to live 30 minutes from Talladega and Barbers. Motorsports and being a gearhead runs in the family. I’ve been turning wrenches for 20 years now so that adds to my appreciation for things that go fast.

Yeah, just ignoring Max, the race for second is still fun. Its not nice to watch him crumble under the pressure (if that is truly what is happening) but now that even Perez is not consistently in second, even more so.

I have to admit I got a bit hyped that Lewis was in contention for a win with his great qualifying, and slight uncertainty with Red Bull’s new car, so a bit disappointing for him to drop back so quick and never make it back.
Aside from that, really exciting to see confirmation that Mclaren is really there and Piastri is able to hold it down. Then a great result for Daniel too, out qualified Yuki first time out, and still nearly scored points after getting hit lap 1 which messed up his strategy! Good time for the Australians.

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I hear ya. It seems like the Mercedes cars have to be dogged out and low on fuel near the end of a race before they really open up. It was an interesting race for sure. Loved seeing the McLarens in close contention for 2nd as well.

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