Fish (Derek William Dick)

I’m not sure if many know him, but if not, this thread may be a reason to change it. Fish was the heart and soul of Marillion. After they disbanded, Marillion had 2 more good albums, “Season’s End” which was mostky composed while Fish was still in the band, and “Brave” a concept album about a runaway girl. Other than that, I didn’t like their new stuff that much and I really listened to it. Don’t get me wrong, their music is still fine, but what set them apart from other bands really was Fish’s voice, his lyrics and his style to sing or sometimes speak, whisper or scream instead, there’s so much emotion in it. While Marillion was for the most part at least to me kinda mediocre after Fish left the band, Fish himself released some great albums after they parted like “Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors”, “Internal Exile”, “A Feast of Consequences” (which is a concept album about the first world war) and his probably last album, although I hope not, “Weltschmerz”.
He was the one who got me into progressive rock and as an example of his singing style at that time I think “Forgotten Sons” is a good example.