Favorite show from each residency?

2023-06-03 - Caverns: N3 - drag night (Boogieman, Magma, Lava, Head On/Pill ending tough to match)
2023-06-07 - Red Rocks N1 (Sense jammed out and not acoustic, Down The Sink, back2back Astroturf and Hate Dancin debut, topped with a nonagon suite and best Iron Lung of tour to close)
2023-06-11 - Salt Shed N1 (similar to N3 Caverns, everything after the microtonal suite is just an amazing run of Gizz including one of the best versions of The River ever if not the best)
2023-06-18 - Rimlicker Farms N3 (it was the muddiest of the 3, but also the best imo, the FAFYL ending certainly helped)

Added setlists

Gotta echo @Gizzhenge, wasn’t at caverns or red rocks, but:

2023-06-11 Salt Shed N1
2023-06-18 Rimlicker N3

Have to be my favorites. Can you tell I’m a slut for The River? Especially with those tastes of Type 2 james, good lorde. Between the two I think Rimlicker has the edge, love getting nice and muddy, and like gizzhenge, the FAFLY for me was just :melting_face:

Rimlicker River is missing the outro which i really missed, but I’m also super happy they squeezed in FAFYL given the limited time left. I was only at Chicago, Rimlicker and Hollywood, but have listened to them all more than once i think. Haven’t heard all the sbds though.

Caverns N1 (nonstop 10/10 picks that just remain high energy)

Red Rocks N2 Early Show (Crumbling>Fourth, good metal picks, Satan Speeds Up debut, Shanghai, This Thing and Most Of What I Like)

Salt Shed N3 (slaps all the way through with the live debut of Change)

Rimlicker N3 (the back end of this is nuts)


Top show of tour has to be the acoustic set at caverns.

Also don’t overlook rimlicker night 1. Awesome Sense & hot water.

Dripping tap from Remlinger n2 might be jam of the tour??

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I was at the three remlinger shows and my fav was night 3. Although I feel like it was the rainiest and maybe chilliest night of the weekend, and the second half of the set was the most drawn out, or like, JAMMIEST section of the weekend. Which I fucking LOVE. But in the moment, even I lost a bit of patience for it. HOWEVER. As soon as we were in the car heading home I couldn’t stop thinking about how SICK that 3rd night was. I was obsessed.

The first half hit so hard. Highlights include Doom City Opener, ANOXIA, kglw, hell, converge. A few others wedged in there too. Like, WOW, I can’t express how sick the first half of that show is. THEN they got into those drawn out jams to round out the show. That Her and I mesmerized me, that’s really what I couldn’t stop thinking about for about a week or so until some recordings started popping up. There was this sick, kinda TOUGH riff they found in there and rolled with two seperate times that blew my mind. Then the whole ending was just a beautiful MESS, and I got totally lost, they went back and forth to the River and wah wah and MAN I don’t even remember but I love it.

N1 and N2 were both insane as well. Hard to compare them, but N3 was my fav!

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As far as the recordings go from the whole tour, I’ve listened to a Salt Shed, a couple Caverns, and 1 or 2 red rocks shows. Can’t wait to burn through the rest eventually! Really excited for that acoustic night, that setlist is CRAZY!

The first night at The Caverns was absolutely full of energy. The cave was buzzing and they played for like 90 minutes non-stop. Not even considering the setlist it was one of my faves for that reason alone.

I can only speak to Remlinger right now — waiting till I have time to watch the full residency run.

For me it’s Remlinger N1, felt like it had the most variety and looseness. Super funky jammed out Sense with Slow Jam 1 stitched in as a highlight, set flowed really well from there with lots of synthy goodness in Grim Reaper, Change, and Shanghai.

I caught ten Residency Shows (all of Caverns, Chicago, and Seattle).

The live vibe of the Caverns acoustic night was immaculate, both personally and from a show perspective, so I have to go with that. Night 3 was my favorite music wise though and is very close. Acoustic nights are so rare, that factors in too.

Red Rocks I didnt catch live and I’m still digesting the recordings. Haven’t really sat down to give them a listen with the good cans.

Chicago was rainy but we caught N3 and the Changes debut. Definetely a top moment that almost makes a favorite night on its own but i have to give it to N1 with The River, Boogieman Sam, and Magma as big favorites.

Rimlicker N2. My first Crumbling Castle → The Fourth Colour was trancedent. Astroturf quicjly becoming a favorite of mine. And that 30 minute Dripping Tap was one for the history books.

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Caverns night 4. So many great moments. Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer opener, Han-Tyumi unplugged, almost 30 min River. I rest my case.


Right !!! That show was so heartfelt. I felt like they put so much love into it !

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz