Europe/UK '24 Tour Stats

Check out the stats from tour. There’s a lot to chew on here from all the debuts to notable unplayed songs to the distribution of songs cross albums.

Only one song was played from Changes and Murder of the Universe had the most next to PDA. Probably the most notable stat is that they played 90 unique songs across the 16 shows and 12 of them were debuts!


I’ve just finished listening to The Silver Cord live in Berlin.
(Also pondering whether to start a new thread, “and while everyone was busy trying to align KGLW with Grateful Dead, they became Hawkwind” – wisely, I’ll just close this parentheses)
Words escape me :slight_smile:

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The new song debuts will be what I remember most from this tour, not the songs they didn’t play. I think it was somewhat overlooked just how amazing it is to have so many fans already know a song that has never been released and only played live once. Fans were singing along by the 2nd performance of Sad Pilot and Daily Blues. I have to go all the way back to Phish 97 to see a fan base as knowledgeable and excited about new songs soley from a few live performances, well ahead of even any real information about a studio release. This is a first for Gizz too I think, where a large number of fans will have their 1st impressions (and possibly many more impressions) of a song be a live version. Yes, several Nonagon songs were played throughout 2015, but it wasn’t a large fanbase at that time. Will hearing and knowing a song live first negatively color fans impressions of the eventual studio release as happens to other “jambands”? I’m not sure it will matter to me as I’ll probably be listening to live versions anyway.


What really drove this home for me was hearing Mirage City, Raw Feel and Sad Pilot as acoustic versions before the album is even announced. Traditionally, doing the ‘unplugged’ thing is more about reinterpreting well known songs, but they have skipped right over that to reinforce that being there in the crowd for multiple shows is the intended way for us to hear these songs.


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Listened to five of them so far, they sound great. Gorge can’t get here soon enough. Having to wait 6 more weeks til LA>SD will be brutal.

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Shocking that they didn’t play KGLW (Outro) at all


I’m not surprised they didn’t play Cyboogie, but it really felt like the perfect opportunity to bust it out.

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