Electronic Music Thread

With new Bullant music dropping, I was wondering what the crossover between King Gizzard fans and electronic music enjoyers was. Do you listen to Electronic music? What kind? Drop some of your favs below.

I have just recently in the last couple months have been getting into electronic music. The boundaries of electronic music are unlimited. I love how creative people can get and really go balls to the wall. It’s so expressive and fun. My favorite genre is probably Drums and Bass, especially jungle.

I’ve been watching people mix, DJ, and work their magic. Lots of talented people out there. Tons waiting to be discovered. It would be really cool to watch Joey do a live Bullant gig one day, maybe a Boiler Room set.

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Honestly I’m kind of a normie when it comes to more recent electronic music, the most recent artist I’m really into is Burial, but he’s been around for nearly 20 years at this point.

That said there’s a lot of artists I love like Yaeji who incorporate EDM sounds into their work, but don’t necessarily fall under the EDM umbrella. There’s also a lot of vaporwave and future funk I love, but that very much feels like it’s own thing.

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I really did not get the appeal of DnB for a long time, and I still don’t like the more agressive stuff for the most part, but ambient DnB is my fucking jam.

Shittttt when I see the record album cover… that’s how I know the song is about to be gas hahaha . A lot of old stuff is still gold!

I’m also a bit of a normie with electronic music but I have a few thoughts.

Daft Punk are the GOATs of electronic music. Discovery is a top tier album.

Chvrches and Chromeo are some of my favorite electronic-adjacent acts. (I know they aren’t full EDM or anything but they use lots of electronic elements in their music. More of a synth-pop feel for Chvrches and synth-funk for Chromeo)

For more truly electronic artists I used to be into Deadmau5 and Zedd in the 2010s. Saw them both live a few times and those shows were a ton of fun.


agreed on both counts. the only other electronic artists I’d put in the same league are Aphex Twin, YMO, Kraftwerk and The KLF.

Daft Punk are goats :goat: and classic!! Very good quality music there.

This one is my favorite Daft Punk song.

Nice! That’s my favorite as well!

I want to get more into Aphex Twin, but those smiling face album covers give me the heebie jeeebies

Also, Maybe try a go at this album. chill, vibey , ambient-esque DNB. Although they speed up the second half, it’s still sounds ambient to me? I feel like I’m just flying through a cyber jungle when listening to it. It’s like my ears just went on a wild beautiful exploration. I kind of have a hard time describing it all and trying to put these silly little noises into words. I thought you might enjoy it tho

I don’t really like that crazy pumped up DNB either.


Really like both of these. Got introduced to them by a good friend from Kuwait that attended the same college I did. I agree with the previous posts on Daft Punk the old stuff is great but Random Access Memories is my favorite. I lived alone out in the woods in a single wide at one point in my life and developed a bond with that record by eating copious amounts of mushrooms and listening to it on repeat.

New Aphex single is great, cant wait for the new EP

I’m a much bigger fan of downtempo breaks than high energy DNB

Thank you I enjoy these!!
They’re very mellow. Idk why, but they are kind of reminding me a bit of low-fi

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not really sure why people say this. I was spinning one of them earlier tonight and it didn’t look sinister at all

Yaeji is sick. I liked the earlier clubby singles, but With A Hammer really took me by surprise and is one of my favourite albums this year:

In a similar electronic-adjacent vein, Grimes and Björk are two all-time favourites of mine.

Bit of a normie for electronic stuff generally too. Got to be in the right mood for Aphex Twin, but when I am it hits like nothing else.
I do have a very bass heavy sound system in my garage that I like to flex with dance stuff sometimes though. Major Lazer is good for that, who I was pretty obsessed with around 10 years ago.
Last couple of years I’ve been getting much more into DJ sets than ever before:

Yaeji is great, With A Hammer is maybe my favorite album of the year so far. I was also a huge Grimes fan at one point and Art Angels is probably my favorite record of the 2010s. That said, she fell off hard afterward; her next album was fairly shit and in general it seems like she’s lost the plot a bit. It’s a shame because at one point she was making the best pop music on the planet as far as I’m concerned.

More jungle/breaks:

Squarepusher, anyone?

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My friends and I make electronic music together. We have a joint project that I think has some Gizz vibes, mostly because we just experiment with different genres. However, we also have a very ironic distance to what we do in this project. We are actually working on a remix album of Polygondwanaland at the moment.

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