Elder (the band)

These guys are my second-favorite band after Gizz. Check it out, I’m not going to stop until everyone has heard them, lol.


yep that was pretty cool

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Elder is awesome. Have ya heard the lead singers solo album? Cory Hanson - Western Cum is the name of it.

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Cory Hanson’s actually from Wand, who I also dig. Will check this out.


Whoops my bad. I always get the 2 mixed up lol

No worries dude, always happy to learn of good music.

“elder wand”? doesn’t seem like a hard mistake to make.

To stay on topic, I gave Elder’s Reflections of a Floating World a listen in April and it didn’t click for me. I’ll try some of the live stuff posted ITT.

Some US dates coming in September, catch 'em if you can! REZN is dope too, that’ll be a sick show.

US Tour with REZN and Lord Buffalo

09.05.2023 - USA - Philadelphia, PA | Underground Arts -
09.06.2023 - USA - Brooklyn, NY | Monarch -
09.07.2023 - USA - Pittsburgh, PA | Thunderbird Music Hall -
09.08.2023 - USA - Columbus, OH | Ace Of Cups -
09.09.2023 - USA - Chicago, IL | Avondale Music Hall -
09.10.2023 - USA - Nashville, TN | The Basement East -
09.12.2023 - USA - Fort Worth, TX | Tulips -
09.13.2023 - USA - Austin, TX | Empire Control Room -
09.14.2023 - USA - Houston, TX | Warehouse -
09.15.2023 - USA - New Orleans, LA | Gasa Gasa -
09.16.2023 - USA - Atlanta, GA | The Earl -
09.17.2023 - USA - Orlando, FL | The Conduit -
09.19.2023 - USA - Raleigh, NC | The Pour House -
09.20.2023 - USA - Baltimore, MD | Ottobar -
09.21.2023 - USA - Syracuse, NY | The Song & Dance -
09.22.2023 - USA - Portland, ME | Portland House Of Music -
09.23.2023 - USA - Cambridge, MA | Middle East Downstairs

Dude, if I could play one thing for you it’s that Halcyon video up above. Get good n’ baked and imagine what it would be like if Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath made sweet love down by the fire and had a baby…

Followed your instructions exactly, and yeah, that was pretty awesome. (I’m wondering what produced the keyboard sounds in the last section of the song. ?) Cool visuals too.

Nice! Not sure exactly on the keys but on the Freak Valley video you can see for just a second that the drummer has a box with a bunch of pads on it, and when he taps a pad the keyboard part starts up. So I guess it’s prerecorded or preprogrammed somehow.

Nick’s actual solo project Delving is amazing too. Not sure how to post youtube videos here yet, but check it out.

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Just drop the YT url on its own line in your post, that’s all it takes!

My boys opening for Tool! Don’t sleep on this one, y’all!!

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