Damn good Gizz reviews

I just have to highlight this phenomenal review of Splendour in the Grass by our own @W.B.T.G.Slinger. Check this out! Slinger’s Splendour Review https://kglw.net/u/WBTGSlinger/review/52

We’ve got some other great reviews on the site. Which are your favs?

Have you written a new review you want to share? Post it here.


I need to write my reviews >.<
I just know I’m going to put my heart into them so it’s going to be some work.
I’ve been procrastinating. classic lol

This is a nice thread to start. I would like to read some and also showcase some on our social media.

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I have been adding some of my Residency reviews to the shows here on the site! They weren’t originally intended for just Gizzheads as I originally posted them to another blog but adding reviews to start the discussion as I didnt see many other reviews

Wrote one for each of the shows I’ve seen but I’ve been working on a longer Chicago '23 retrospective. I want to do a blog at some point and post that as the first, just need to figure out how to even do that.

As in start your own blog? Pretty simple for free if you don’t want a custom domain to start, there are lots of site-builders out there that can then provide and host a custom domain for a subscription fee. Going totally custom is a bit more complicated.
Not to discourage you from that project, but if its a larger piece than just covering a single show, we’d love to post it on the KGLW.net blog!
Great reviews by the way, I really appreciate that you went to that effort and contextualised each within your larger impressions of seeing them for the first few times.

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Thanks. Putting that on the KGLW.net blog would be great. When it’s all written out I’ll have to send it over.