Copenhagen '23 Slow Jam 1->Sense->Let Me Mend the Past

I just listened to a good chunk of March 9, 2023 on my drive to work. What a fucking run of songs with Slow Jam 1->Sense->Let Me Mend the Past. That segue into Mend the Past is so slick. When it starts, you realize how they’d been building towards it for the previous minutes and you just didn’t hear it. Then, it all makes sense and you’re there with Ambrose absolutely belting it out.

They do have a minor tech issue between Slow Jam and Sense, but in my mind, that just propels them into an even nastier Sense jam.

After that amazing trio, Joey says, “Now you guys better dance your fucking asses off!” and they bust into Ice V with Hypertension teases. Glad I returned to this show after a while away. You should check it out, too.


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