Calm Ya Farm is the Best Album of 2023 So Far

I can’t stop listening to it!
I still need to backtrack and listen to more Murlocs, but damn do I love this album!

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I’m really loving it too and its not getting old at all yet. Definitely my favourite of theirs on first listen, but honestly they’re all great and unfairly overshadowed by King Gizzard. Queen Pinky is my favourite song on it too.

I wanted to make an ironic/unironic post about how much everyone jocks PDA (it’s good before you flame me)… but how much better Calm Ya Farm is.

This Murlocs album is the perfect, “let’s jump in the car and take a drive” soundtrack. It’s bright in the non bright moments maintains a sense of levity like on queen pinky.

I make no bones Stu is slowly becoming my 3rd favorite member. Amby, Cookie and their band cooked a dense batch of earworms. The whole album plays like FFF bSides….my only complaint is Initiative & Common Sense won’t ever be played by KGLW. They BANG. Not a bad gripe.

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