Brent's Recs

Check out our latest blog post and listen to some high-quality live Gizz! Which of the five is your favorite? Of course, I have to go with 10/22/22 since it was my very first Gizz show.


Hey hey! Brent’s Recs Vol. 2 is out! Which show is your favorite?

I was at the Mr. Small’s Pittsburgh show, so I have to say attendance bias. But honestly, of the 3 show run I caught (CLE → CBUS → PITT), I thought Pittsburgh was the weakest.

Although giving it a listen again, who the hell else starts the show with a drum solo haha.

And it was cool to catch The Book and D-Day…

And… that Float Along really has yet to be beat at a closer for me personally. Of any song I’ve heard yet.

OK, it was a pretty great show. And I’ll guarantee you they only play a 700 person show in Europe after this tour…

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