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Check out our latest blog post and listen to some high-quality live Gizz! Which of the five is your favorite? Of course, I have to go with 10/22/22 since it was my very first Gizz show.


Hey hey! Brent’s Recs Vol. 2 is out! Which show is your favorite?

I was at the Mr. Small’s Pittsburgh show, so I have to say attendance bias. But honestly, of the 3 show run I caught (CLE → CBUS → PITT), I thought Pittsburgh was the weakest.

Although giving it a listen again, who the hell else starts the show with a drum solo haha.

And it was cool to catch The Book and D-Day…

And… that Float Along really has yet to be beat at a closer for me personally. Of any song I’ve heard yet.

OK, it was a pretty great show. And I’ll guarantee you they only play a 700 person show in Europe after this tour…

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Volume 3 is live!!


Awesome stuff! I have been relistening to most of the 2022 shows and it’s been fun to see them introduce new material and jams as the year went on…I swear they were teasing Extinction’s “I can see everything” line in a couple of those shows.


Well if you find the clips and need someone to verify, post it here in the forums. We have a setlist team that tries to hunt down things like that

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Yet another thrilling edition of Brent’s Recs, this time focused on marathon shows. There are over 15 hours of listening pleasure, so prepare yourself!


Yay! Thanks!