Board Game Thread

There’s a video game thread but my cardboard based posts werent getting much traction.

Thread for all things board games!

What have you been bringing to the table lately?

What are your favorite games of all time?

Anything you’re looking at soon we can get you pumped for?

Just got a chance to purchase and play Root. Bought it from the general internet hype and love it so far. I was hoping for this game to be a little more “accessible”: it’s heavy enough you can’t just expect anyone to be able to pick it up on board game night. But, if you have a fairly dedicated group that would pick this up for a couple plays and invest in the HEAVY upfront rules learning, I think its a great choice. Classic “men on board” with very aggressive gameplay that doesnt feel too “gotcha”. There’s a walkthrough guide for the first couple turns that helps ease new players in but anyone who has played this game at least once is going to have an unfair learned advantage over a newbie. In some ways this is always true but I expect a new player to beat me in Ticket to Ride: if you lose in Root, its entirely your fault.

Anyway, enough game theory. Some of my all time favorite board games are Pandemic Legacy, Clank! (most varieties), Patchwork, the simple-ish drafting games (Sushi Go! and 7 Wonders), Magic the Gathering, and Stonemeier games (Charterstone, Wingspan, Scythe on a good day). I like party and social deduction games but they ened up being played so much I get sick of them lol. Legacy games have been my jam, and I’ve completed all of Pandemic Legacy, Clank! Legacy, Betrayl Legacy, and some Gloomhaven (would rather play DnD).

And right now, I obviously just got Root but want to focus on bringing some plays to older games i want to dig into more. Deep Rock Galactic is something I kickstarted this year that has gotten a few plays. Especially for what I paid for it, it needs a higher play count lol. I feel like my collection finally has a few good choices for almost every genre or player situation, so digging into what I have will keep me from spending more money on games that collect dust.

In fact, looking at selling off a few of my games this year to make room on the shelves. Evolution hit the “two bad plays” rule I have after it almost broke my girlfriend and I up playing it head to head. Fallout is a franchise I’ve loved forever and I bought the game on a bit of a whim/intentionally blind. It isnt good and while the expansions may add something to the game, I’m not buying more to have the experience I originally wanted. My collection is small when it comes to some in the hobby (probably around 3 dozen games) and I like to keep it that way so I dont need to build more shelving haha.

Maybe interesting for some:

You can play quite some games online there like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Take five!, Trans America, Tichu and others.

Someone needs to make a gizzverse DND campaign


I play a Magic The Gathering format called EDH or as it’s better known: commander. It’s basically a 4 player board game but everyone’s pieces are their own decks and it can be a lot of fun. You play with 100 card decks with no repeat cards (except basic lands) and it’s usually played in groups of 4 people. Deckbuilding is one of my fav things in any card game and making new commander decks is one of my fav parts about MTG as a whole (especially when they get really fine tuned and start kicking ass).

I could just never get into Commander for whatever reason, I’m just a competitive guy and dont want to spend an hour building a board kust to have everything destroyed/exiled. Plus my commander group started our equivalent of the nuclear arms race with deckbuilding choices and that got very unfun very quickly lol.

Love me some draft and sealed, as well as Pauper. Cheap but powerful cards haha.