Best versions from US Residency tour?

Curious to those who did the whole tour what stood out and why.

only caught chicago shows but watched/listened to a majority of the tour but thought chicago had some of the better renditions of The river, magma, Shanghai, invisible face → wah wah, Hypertension (my attendance bias is showing)

I haven’t heard any shows post-salt shed n1 but from what I’ve heard, the red rocks Robot Stop was definitely my favorite, incredible jam (and probably my favorite gizz jam of all time so far tbh)
I also really enjoyed the red rocks Shanghai, amazing energy, and I know that can be said about any jammed out Shanghai but this one felt special and particurarly explosive, I loved it


Its really tough to narrow it down…I’m still forming opinions, but listening to Her and I from Rimlicker N3 again right now and its really outstanding. Sense from Red Rocks, Trapdoor and The River from Chicago N1 come to mind too.

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The river from Chicago was a favorite stand out version. Loved the dead esque jam after them talking about being at Dead and Co the night before!


Eyes Like The Sky songs from 2023-06-21 was pretty special.
Change debut 2023-06-13 was huge, pulled it off so well.
Basically the whole acoustic show 2023-06-04.


I must say that Magma from Salt Shed N1 was shockingly good. That’s a song I’m not the biggest fan of but that was something else. Hypertension from Salt Shed N3 was a highlight too - that moment where Stu is going up the next with those squeals is nuts. Put a big smile on my face.

Outside of Salt Shed, the Red Rocks Sense was killer, Caverns Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer was nice and the Eyes Like the Sky material in Hollywood was sublime.


I’m back and forth between the Salt Shed River and the Remlinger River


Red Rocks Magma is ridiculous. Not a song I loved until this recent tour.

Haven’t listened to the full tour yet, but the Magenta Mountain from the first Red Rocks show might be the best version I’ve heard yet. As soon as they get to the outro Stu is an absolute madman, the whole band is just on and holy shit that transition into The Grim Reaper is perfect.

The Robot Stop from that show is pretty insane too

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I agree with the MM Red Rocks. I went to take a piss when it started because it’s not my favorite. When I emerged in the middle of the jam I was blown away.

of the couple shows I saw, Hypertension N1 and Boogieman Sam N3 @ the Caverns

Totally agree, I went to Salt Shed N2/3 and had told my friend I wasnt too bummed about missing Magma because it meant we’d probably hear another song from IDPLML that I was a bigger fan of. Loved hearing Ice V N2 (prob my favorite song from the album), but finally listened to Magma a couple days ago and it blew my balls off

Hey yall I have been working on this project for a short bit and this seems like the right place to share it:

This is similar to the “headyversions” project for voting on favorite live versions of Grateful Dead songs, I just made my own for Gizz :metal:

This is still very much in beta, so no promises as to stability or bugginess of the site. Would be super appreciative of any ideas or feedback. (I am not a frontend engineer so I am very aware that the visuals and design of the site need major polish). I wanted to share this with yall early either way before I make a separate post or share it elsewhere. :smiley:


River - Salt Shed
Magma - Salt Shed
Grim Reaper - Carnation
Her & I - Carnation
Robot Stop - Red Rocks
Sense - Red Rocks
Evil Death Roll - Carnation
Mind Fuzz - Carnation
Dripping Tap - Carnation
Gaia - Salt Shed


For sure The River from Salt Shed N1 is up there. Possibly the best jam they’ve done


2023-06-04 Han-Tyumi is a unique and awesome one for sure.


The Salt Shed River is definitely the best version of that song I’ve ever heard.

I walked out of Chicago N3 thinking I had maybe seen the nest Tap ever, and then they topped it like two shows later.

I missed Remlinger and Hollywood Bowl, but…

The Inner Cell suite at Caverns N1

Chicago N1 Magma + River

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz