August 24, 2023 @ Plaza Mayor De El Poble Espanyol · Barcelona, Spain

Current set so far:
Doom City
All is Known
Iron Lung



Doom City

All is Known

Iron Lung a →

Hypertension →

Ice V b →

Presumptuous →

Hot Water c


Garden Goblin


Kepler-22b d

This Thing

Gila Monster

Show Notes:

a. Hypertension tease

b. Slow Jam 1 tease

c. The Dripping Tap jam and quotes

d. Outro Jam

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That is a beautiful set list.

man i almost made it to this show… it would’ve been so awesome

Is it a Slow Jam 1 tease or Slow Jam 2 tease? I missed it on the stream & have seen reports both ways.

added some Barcelona clips to the spreadsheet: King Gizzard Live Spreadsheet - Google Sheets

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz