August 21, 2023 @ Tonhalle, Munich, Germany


Apparently Intrasport was sound checked a couple of days ago, and from what I’ve seen it was not played yet.

Maybe we will get the debut \o/

Other than that I would love to see Hell’s Itch and I’m hoping that the set list will be a tad longer than in Cologne (it was still an amazing show!)

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Thanks for making this thread! Joey was just talking a little shit on Munich at the Cologne show telling the crowd they prefer that city to where they’re playing tonight. We’ll see what they say about Munich among the Münchner.

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Joey’s in full command of the cheap pop, lol. Mick Foley would be proud.


  1. Head On/Pill
  2. Ambergris
  3. Ice V
  4. Hypertension


Yeah they really hate Munich all right, lol.

Hahah…26 min Head On/Pill from what I saw on reddit…and Ice V>Hypertension?! damnnnnnnn


Head On/Pill


Ice V >

Hypertension (a)

People-Vultures >

Mr. Beat

Astroturf (b)

The Grim Reaper (c)


Venusian II



a. The Dripping Tap teases and quotes

b. Extended Outro

c. Extended “Torture Chamber” jam and “Intergalactic” quotes

Inner Cell, Loyalty and Horology were on the printed setlist but not played

Only ever spent about a day and a half in Germany, and it was mostly in Munich, had a great time though! Very beautiful city. Surely Berlin is more their vibe anyway?

This was my 5th King Gizz show. I can confirm the setlist on within it’s details. The band played along their songs without any real interaction or banter with the audience unlike they did in Wiesbaden in March the same year. Does someone has a nice scan/photo of the merch/club poster that was sold at the show?

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Live Gizz to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz