August 12, 2023 @ Grape Festival, Piestany, Slovakia

Ideme na to! Prvy raz na Slovensko! (We’re going for it! First time in Slovakia!) - I love that a show is about to happen on Slovak soil for the first time, but it sure stings that I’m not there. My wife is from Slovakia, I lived there for a couple years, speak the language, and we return for a visit just about every summer. If only I’d been able to make our summer travel coincide with this show. That couldn’t happen, but I sure am excited for all the Slovaks who get to experience King Gizz.



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Magma cut…thought they would be getting better at set management by now, especially after the N1 Rimlicker Cavs tantrum. Tap and Hot Water sandwich sounds fun though…hope we get a recording of this one…I say the odds are fifty-fifty.

  1. Mars For the Rich
  2. Converge >
  3. Witchcraft
  4. Doom City
  5. Minimum Brain Size
  6. Static Electricity
  7. The Dripping Tap >
  8. Hot Water >
  9. The Dripping Tap

edited: fixed setlist as Converge was actually played prior to Witchcraft, much to Amby’s confusion

here we go:

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if we can get a mostly complete festival set from Slovakia, we are in good shape for rest of the tour…assuming they can stay out of trouble

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oh wow that transition into Witchcraft is smooth asfuck…needs a > for sure, and someone who knows more than me can decide if thats a → which would be surprising for a metal song

Stu’s pessimism before Doom City. can relate.

Great Static Electricity! Amby is really going off. Perfect time for a break before I tackle the Tap / Hot Water sandwich.

Just fired this one up! So glad that we have a recording!

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Totally agree that Witchcraft segue is impressive! I’d call it a > because it’s planned and a straight transition from one song to another.

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New lyrics being quoted by Stu during the 2nd Tap! Something about “Fire the king”. Going to have to listen with headphones.

oohh I dozed off during the Tap Hot Water sandwich…not enough sleep last night. I’ll need to relisten if new lyrics.


From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz