Audio Rips of all Nugs Residency Shows

A while back I commented on a thread about what was to become of the audio from the residency shows. I finally got around to ripping all the audio from the Nugs videos today. I plan to upload it to tomorrow. Just wanted to let interested parties here know first. Hope you all are having a fantastic Labor day weekend. Love you all


Doing the lord’s work, if they are rips please make sure it goes in the community archive :pray:t2:

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That’s the plan. I believe it was you that advised me about that before. If it gets taken down for whatever reason I could probably make a google drive and share it that way. Hell im down to mail thumb drives out if ppl wanna mail me one and pay postage. Lol

Caverns Nights 3 and 4 are up on Archive. Chicago Shows are in progress. Ill put Rimlicker night 1 up next. The rest failed to rip correctly but I will re do them ASAP and get them posted.

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Just finished uploading the last of the Residency shows. Let me know if anything doesn’t sound right. Hope you all enjoy.

Link? I’m not seeing Residency shows in the recently added stuff.


My bad I didn’t actually put residency in the label and one of the Remlinger shows didn’t upload but ill get everything there soon


Awesome thank you!

Hopefully they populate on Relisten soon. Not sure how that connection works…

Also, I believe it is pronounced “Rimlicker” :joy:

Thank you!!

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