All things Cookie/Pipe-eye

The quiet giant. Coolest thing not on ice. I’ve been wondering if/when we’ll see some new solo stuff, or more Cookie-focused KGLW? We’ve officially gone four albums without any Cookie songs (although he has that awesome little section in “Change”).

Anyone else find Pipe-eye to be perfect summertime music?


Hearing Down the Sink this tour made me realize that I need to dig into his stuff. Like a lot. Thanks for the reminder.

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I absolutely love Pipe-Eye, particularly Laugh About Life and Inside/Outside. Cook is so underrated as the most productive band member behind Stu. Obviously has a hand in pretty much all King Gizz releases even when he isn’t lead on a song, then The Murlocs and his solo work. If King Gizz put out five albums in 2017, then Cook put out 7!

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HIs work is amazing. Got into Pipe-Eye one summer night a few years back and his music feels like a time capsule

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I love Cookie. His KGLW songs are bangers: Pop in My Step, Crying, Time = Fate, Dusk to Dawn on Lygon Stret, Down the Sink, Ya Love, and The Garden Goblin are all super great. Love his solo work, although I haven’t actually given his latest record a listen, so will get onto that!

Dusk To Dawn on Lygon Street would be a dream to hear live. Definitely his best song they’ve never played.

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All his solo work is great to listen to. Kinda a vibe ya can’t find much. Inside/Outside will always be a favorite of mine

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Haha the only King Gizzard thing he has on display is the one poster that I’m looking for, Sydney 2019.

Bump for the Reddit AMA. Cookie Dawg has confirmed that more Pipe-Eye is in the works!