Album 26 - Flight b741

I do love a short announcement to release window. You know the album will be good when you see the cover art and wonder what the fuck Jason is doing.


The pigs flying tweet was indeed some pretty hard foreshadowing. And while the vibe of the new songs hasn’t overly blown me away/struck a chord with me I’m still very stoked!


But yeah, the cover art is fantastic.


Yeah I’m just keen for a pretty straightforward album to be honest, they’ve always swung between pushing for a new sound or level, then taking it easy for a bit. If this results in something like Paper Mache Dream Balloon or Fishing For Fishies again then that’s fine by me.
I can’t say I listen to much of this basic 70s rock kind of stuff generally, but going off the live performances this will be easy to get into.


There isn’t a new song they debuted in Europe that hasn’t landed well with me. They all sound great, and you can hear that they all hang together well. I can’t wait to find out what the other tracks sound like.

I’m really curious if any of the tracks are done acoustically like they did in Brighton.

The album cover is such a different look from the rest! I love what I’m seeing. Such a clever yet simple title to the album, too. Lots to be excited about!


What an exciting bit of news to wake up to. Love the art and loved all the debuts in Europe! Looking forward to this album tremendously. The lyrics that I caught in Europe on the new songs all seem awesome as well. So excited for this release

A rocking blues album perfect for the summer

So stoked for this. Is the cover a photograph? Appears to be, but hard to tell for sure. Love the hay flying everywhere, though.

When you say clever are you suggesting that you are catching some sort of subtle message in it? Am I missing something?


Yeah it’s a photo, another of the diorama covers with a bit of digital manipulation this time I’d say.


really looking forward to that one and all the preorders to choose from

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