A New Red Rocks Vinyl Collection?

Hey everyone, so I’m getting ready to launch my first Vinyl campaign in March. You can hear the Audio files for it on these two links:

However, I’m hoping to do a full series for RR22. It’ll still be 12 discs, but in 8 packages, 5 of just 1 Vinyl, 2 of 2 Vinyls and 1 collection of 3 Vinyls. Each collection will have a piece of all 3 nights. Would this be interesting to anyone? Here’s a list of the Vinyl ideas

(1 Disc Vinyl ideas)
Infest the Red Rocks Nest
Amicus Gatherum
Murder of the Universe
Ice, Red, Rocks and Lava
NonaRock Redfinity

(2 Disc Vinyl Ideas)
Float Along Fill Your Mind Fuzz
Omnium Oddments

(3 Disc Vinyl Idea)
KGLW Microtonal Polygon Soup

Anyway, haven’t been on here in a long while and I hope everyone is doing well! Feel free to share ideas or ask more questions of the make-up of these concepts

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Well I’m back and the campaign for my first Vinyl has officially gone Live. You can check it out here: