3 hour compilation of every metal Gizz track: Infest The Rat's Nest

Quick note upfront, this wasn’t me. Not sure if the OP is on these forums, but they go by “King Gizzard Daily” (@SleepDrifter) on Twitter and apparently that1skeleyton on YouTube. They’re especially active on Twitter, so give them a follow if you can tolerate the hellscape the site has become. :smiley:

You can watch the first hour of the compilation at this link and (for copyright reasons) see the full thing on Google Drive. There’s some credits and a full tracklist there too. It seems like live tracks have been used, where possible, and there are some real stellar picks.

And if you are SleepDrifter on Twitter, thanks for putting together an awesome compilation! :metal:t2:

tysm for sharing, glad to see its liked :slight_smile: