2 steely 2 dan: tokyo drift

Not really, though I do think some of the deeper cuts like Pearl of the Quarter and Razor Boy deserve a bit more love. The only one I find genuinely underrated is Gaucho, which is neck and neck with Aja imo.

if you didn’t grow up playing this, you’re not a real gamer

Damn, 3DO. That’s a blast from the past. You could play a CD on it and get psychedelic visuals on the screen. Played hella Road Rash on there too.

Fun fact: If you wave a bag of blow in front of your Sega Genesis for long enough, you can unlock Donald as a custom character in NBA Jam.

Perfect Valentine’s Day viewing. Call it five septuagenarians talking about the importance of high-fidelity audio and chill.

If you’re rolling with anything other than AB-1006, you’re not down with the Dan.

That AA-1006 is bullshit.

Have never listened to the AA actually. Very interested to hear the UHQR though, the reviews are absolutely glowing, but still… $150? sheesh

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Pretzel Logic turns 50 today!

Just get a clean copy of the AB-1006 and you’ll be set. I don’t know about this one, but most of the UHQRs come in weirdo boxes. I believe QRP is also going to do a more standard release, too. They do great work.

AP are crazy good. their Two Against Nature release (thanks again for shipping that out to me @Listening_Wind) is incredible and genuinely gave me a whole new appreciation for that one. Dying to hear the 45 RPM cut of Pet Sounds in Stereo they did a few years back. Even the cheap pressing I have sounds incredible, but if anyone can wring more out of it, it’s them.

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