2 steely 2 dan: tokyo drift

yeah I know this is a KG forum but I’m mostly going to post about steely dan here, sorry.


Aja is legit an S tier album


Pretzel Logic is quickly becoming my favorite album

Royal Scam for me. Perfect record. The band originated like 20 minutes away from where I grew up yet I never saw em. Saw a Donald Fagen solo show that blew my socks off

have caught them twice in Dublin - once with the Doobie Brothers, once with Steve Winwood - amazing both times.

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Yeah, it’s one of only 5 or 6 albums I’d call perfect from front to back, and even then I think the only album from that group that I might take over Aja is Pet Sounds.


Also saw them twice, first was An Evening With Steely Dan, we were still fairly new to the concert scene and didn’t realize that at some shows people don’t stand up dancing the whole time. Man those people behind us were pissed, lol. Second one Counting Crows were the opener but we ran late and missed them.

I caught them at Blossom on the tour they did with Michael McDonald. Both sounded great. I still regret not buying a Michael McDonald sweatshirt. It was the tackiest thing ever. I think it had piano keys on one sleeve and his signature on the other.

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fun fact: music reached it’s peak as an art form during that sick little fill @ 6:20 into Steely Dan’s Glamour Profession. All downhill from there.

The problem with Gaucho is that it makes me want to put on The Nightfly. Wait, that’s not a problem.


nearly did a spit take when I got this notification from the excellent Expanding Dan substack earlier.

danheads stay winning

Who is the gaucho, amigo
Why is he standing in your spangled leather poncho and your elevator shoes

Haven’t read this cover to cover, but based on the short peek I had last weekend, it looks interesting.

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Found a decent copy of The Nightfly for $5 this weekend. Won’t you pour me a Cuban Breeze, Gretchen?

Donald Fagen recording the piano solo on Fire In The Hole (1972)

I would hurt small mammals for a Michael McDonald action figure. I would also pay money for it.

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