2 steely 2 dan: tokyo drift

I like it, I just don’t think it’s as good as the likes of Deacon Blues, The Caves of Altamira or My Old School. It comes close, but it’s ultimately in the same league as Change of The Guard, Fire In The Hole etc. All great songs, but do they reach the heights of their best stuff? nah.


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I knew a guy back in college who claimed it as his top SD song, ever. I’m not willing to go that far. (Do you find Coutdown underrated? You put Pearl of the Quarter on a playlist, I believe, and that is like the most killer SD deep cut around.)

my favorite christmas song hands down

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i love a good hookers/christmas song too.

There’ll be spandex jackets, one for everyone.

counterpoint: yes, I would. also ur dead lol


Are you trying to imply that he didn’t let Steely Dan get in the way of his death?


rips of the new remastered SACDs have dropped on Soulseek

I’ve been playing this a bunch this week:

Christmas came early this year!


this is my Infinite Jest

every copy of sonic is personalized

Not really, though I do think some of the deeper cuts like Pearl of the Quarter and Razor Boy deserve a bit more love. The only one I find genuinely underrated is Gaucho, which is neck and neck with Aja imo.