11/1 & 11/3 Possible Setlists?

hello!! i am newbie to the website/forum so i’m excited to explore the whole universe here :]

my question: to anyone’s knowledge, when the guys play at new venues for the first time, what could i expect them to play? is is possible that they’ll just do a little of everything, or should i be comparing with other setlists from past shows in the same situation? i fear the answer might just be IDK but maybe it can spark discussion LOL?

i’m going down a very deep rabbit hole of what to expect for my first gizz shows in la and paso robles! so fascinating that people keep track of setlists, i had no idea i could just look at a spreadsheet someone posted on reddit I LOVE IT HERE.

lmk if you’re going to these shows or if you’re from the bay! or if you just want to say hi wahoo

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Welcome! Glad you found us!

I think it’d be pretty tough to guess with much accuracy the setlists of shows in cities the band hasn’t played this far out., but you can do a lot of reasonable speculating. Their new album is coming and they debuted five songs off of it during Europe tour. You’re likely to hear at least a couple of those songs like Sad Pilot or Daily Blues. They pretty much always play some metal songs at each show, so you can see the metal songs they play most often and do some guessing. Microtonal sections are common in setlists, so there’s some guesswork you can do among those songs. A lot of their most political songs are microtonal and the election will be happening right then, so you might expect some of those. They’ll also be playing in California where they’ve historically jammed a lot, so maybe you’ll get some especially jammed-out songs. And, of course, they started playing on the synth table in Europe, so that opens up possibilities, too.

I think you should listen to as much as you can from the recent Europe tour and then follow the August leg of tour closely. That’ll give you a good sense of what they tend to play.

Our site also has plenty of stats you can generate, so you can get pretty fine-grained.


You can also check what they have done most recently when playing new cities, in this case for the South America shows earlier this year there was a lot of the garagey staples from IIYMF and Nonagon that have been played a lot elsewhere.


hi!! thanks so much for your response, i will surely be busy digging around and enjoying new bootlegs and lore while i’m at it. i totally didn’t consider the election, that’s gonna be fun to examine!

def gonna go with your suggestion on the europe + august leg of their tour - are you going to any shows?

i feel like this question of mine is such a good excuse to dive in and really take in their discography… did you have a fav song that you got to see live? have a great day!

south america! i’ll be sure to check that out, i always love seeing the venue posters and whatnot online AAAa i hope to get some kind of merch when i go, have you been to a show!

thanks for your input!!

11/01/24 will most likely have no repeats from 06/21/23 so really any songs they are playing this year other than the ones that they played here are just as likely as anything else.

Not much to go off of for 11/03/24 unless they treat it like a San Luis Obispo-area show, which would mean 04/24/22 is your show of interest. I kinda see them treating it with a fresh slate myself but it’s anybody’s guess.

I saw KGLW Outro at my first show and got The River in Chicago. Those are two of my favs. Oh yeah and hearing them play Self-Immolate was one of the most frenzied experiences of my life. I need to experience that again!

The shows I have coming up are D.C., Forest Hills, Philly, Vegas, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. I might be able to squeeze Cleveland in there, too.

What are you hoping to hear the most?

thank you!! esp for the links - is the “no repeat” rule for each city or each venue? i totally didn’t consider previous shows in the same city… i really can’t wait to see how it turns out!

the slo show was awesome!! i had a friend who went and i was so jealous of the setlist.

the river would be so sick!!! were you in the pit for self-immolate? that would be CRAZY LOL i’m looking forward to moshing in paso robles on the 3rd.

have so much fun!!! i love that you’re going to so many shows, if you ever do a review or smth i’d love to read! i really enjoy looking thru the concert reviews on here :slight_smile:

omg… there’s so many different answers for this… i think my top would be iron lung?? but anything from butterfly 3000 would lowk be really interesting to see live, i think i was reading one of their AMAs about them trying to figure out how they would be able to bring it live? then again i saw that they played shanghai at a show last year so maybe they figured it out? haven’t checked tbh

im in your mind fuzz was such an influential album from when i first found them about 2 years ago now? so anything from that album would probably change my life…

The no repeat rule is for each city and relatively new. Last year in Seattle and Chicago they didn’t repeat anything from the ‘22 setlists in those cities and talked about this new policy in interviews (like this one) around that time.

It’s not a hard and fast rule - they played Ice V in Prague on 5.18.24 despite playing it last time they were there - but is still a good general way to guess what they’re going to be playing. Important to note that other than that one song, there was not a single song repeated from the last time in a city on the Europe 2024 tour. Red Rocks ‘23 also heavily repeated from ‘22, but given those were marathon shows to a residency I don’t see how they could have avoided repeats. Prague could have been a mistake or the rule is just a less strict one, all we really know for 100% certain is that they will keep the setlist from the last visit to that city in mind when making ones for the upcoming shows this year!

Side Note: that Paso Robles venue looks nuts, hitting that one as well and am absolutely stoked.

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at the 11/1 show dont expect them to play anything from the bowl marathon imo

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Thanks for your insight!! So cool that we can all compare setlists - still amazed by all the effort taken to make that possible.

Yes I totally agree!! Didn’t even know where Paso Robles is but I’m excited for the drive and the venue. What are you most excited for! Have you been to shows before?