Your Favorite Songs of 2023

I’m sure someone will do a thread for albums, but I’ll just stick to songs.

Here are some favorites from this year.

*yes this is a song from a show for preschoolers, but it’s also the first tune from Jellyfish’s Andy Sturmer in like 30 years and as such goes way harder than it needed to.

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Rival Sons with 2 great albums this year so one from each album.

Peter Gabriel is and always was on another level.

Most probably you won’t know this band, they developed their very own style. Quite famous in Germany.

If singles count. Some nice Mongolian rock is always good.

Last not least.

Anyone heard of this song called “Set (Extended Mix)”? Anyway, some non-Gizz songs that I was obsessed with this year. (Edit to say this first one is also The Music Video of All Time.)

I actually discovered Knower in an interview with The Armed (thanks, The Armed!)

Technically this song isn’t from this year, but the live album is!

And shoutout to the friends who got me into Eurovision this year. This crazy goblin man did irreversible damage to my brain. :green_heart:

@Evil-Bread-Roll-Now Always look out for Finnish bands, there are some great groups like this one:

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Empire has been occupying at least 60% of my play time in the last month lol

The studio does not do Main Squeeze’s guitarist justice: that dude can shred and he just gets possesed on stage. Sunday Morning was technically released in '22 but I found it this year.