What shoes do you wear?

SSIA. Not a sneakerhead or anything, but interested to see what people’s favorites are.

I swore by Vans slip-ons for years, but their thin quality, short lifespan (6-7 months on average in my experience) and mediocre comfort started to bug me, so over the past few years, Nike Air Max 97’s have been my go-to.

They’re not cheap (around €100-150) but they really last. My last pair are well over a year old and are still going strong.

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I wear doc martens. My pair has lasted my 5 years and they are still in good shape except a little bit of wear and tear

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Altra Lone Peak 6. I’m on my second pair of the color in the image and I have a tan pair, too. I wear these for jogging, hiking, walking around town, and I wear them to work. They’re the best.

Altra got bought out in the last few years by some massive conglomerate… I’ve loved their shoes and the massive toebox but they’ve always been a bit iffy on longevity. I say this having owned probably 5-6 pairs of Altras.

I love my Brooks Glycerin 19’s or whatever number they’re on. They’re not sexy but I do alot of running (well, not lately lol) and they make a great shoe.

I’ll wear the Brooks to inside venues and the Lone Peaks outside. Although if theres concrete, really gotta use my Brooks or else my feet grt fatigued.

Why are the good shoes so expensive these days and they wear out after like 400-500 miles!

I’ll have to look into Brooks. I just found Lone Peaks two summers ago before we left for Europe. They were amazing over there, and they continued to be great all year. Though, after one year, that pair is pretty well beat. I brought a new pair to Europe this summer.

Allbirds and Tevas

Justin Western top square toe for work. Vans, Sketchers, and Clarks slip ons for comfy

Salomon waterproof hiking shoes for everyday, or Chacos Z-straps if it’s warm. I have a tough pair of Vasque hiking boots that I pull out for winter.

AJ3s, SB Dunk lows, AF1 lows.

teva ember moc. has ruined “normal” shoes for me now. seriously cant wear anything else :frowning: