What if phone but too much

making this thread because I’ve been thinking about phones for some reason.

The iPhone 15 got announced today, and I doubt many are excited about it, but it’s the first iPhone I’ve been interested in for years, mainly because of the switch to USB C, which is way overdue and of interest to me as I use it charge literally everything I have except my laptop, my old PS4 controllers and my 12 Mini, which I’m thinking of upgrading from in a year or two.

That said, their scrapping of the Mini series after 13 really sucks; phones are too fucking big these days and unless you something downgraded like the SE, there’s really nothing for people who prefer iOS anymore.

Also, I know it’s such a belaboured point, but I’m still mad about the headphone jack getting taken out of most models. Bluetooth headphones are honestly little more than a novelty to me at this point; they just haven’t gotten to the point where they match up to their wired counterparts in any way because of the inherent compromises needed to fit all those components into such a small space, so for people like me who are anal-retentive about sound quality, we have to lug a portable DAC around, and those things are expensive if you want a good one. I doubt there’ll ever be similar EU legislation to enforce putting those in, but it sure would be nice.

Whats the matter with adpating 3.5mm to the charging port? I’m happy with bluetooth anyway, but surely no jack is even less of an issue now with the move to USB-C.

Only manufacturer I’ve consistently liked/gone back to is Google, most recently with a Pixel 7 that I am loving. Except for super weird connectivity issues that I think are exacerbated by our shitty networks here.

Yeah I havent missed my headphone jack but Samsung makes it difficult to use USB-C for a headphone adapter. Only specific dongles work on my S21 and its been annoying the couple times I’ve needed to use it… And bluetooth technology really isnt at the point where its working 100%, which makes it annoying to use the various quality bluetooth devices you can buy these days. And i hate buying quality wireless buds because I’m a spae cadet, I’ve lost like four sets of buds since Covid lol.

Definetely not buying from Samsung again but this phone keeps running so i have no excuse to buy a Pixel yet… My girlfriend loves her Pixel 7 though.

Really been loving Android Auto on my new car but talk about a botched execution. It needs to be plugged into my car’s USB system and any of Cleveland’s large potholes have a chance to jiggle the wire and break the connection. Why isnt this app wireless, its really unsafe to fuck
with my phone while driving, which defeats rhe entire point of Android Auto…

Not an iPhone guy and never will be but they always do look slick. Jealous of the picture taking ability for sure.