Watcha Watchin? (Movies, TV etc.)

lmao that was fucking insane. highly recommended.

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Been rewatching Breaking Bad. Every bit as good as I remembered.

Paprika was so cool. Really wanna check out that directors other films.
Started watching this with my girlfriend tonight and I have been barely holding back my tears since it started - which is odd because as a non-american, I never grew up with Mr. Rogers. Something about his message is profoundly universal and direly necessary in the world, especially today. Wonderful acting by Tom Hanks as usual and everyone is coming straight out of the gates. Go watch it if you’re in need of a good dose of compassion, to give or take; it’s ALL good.

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I’ve never seen this, but I did watch this excellent doc on Mr. Rogers. I only vaguely knew of him before this, and I came away with so much respect for him, and honestly I was like full on weeping for half of it. It’s one of the few films I’ve ever watched that genuinely made me want to be a better person, but I also like that it showed that at his core was a lot of pain and loneliness.


nw and ready to feel the payne

if this mr Rogers kick keeps on going I’ll check it out on the way!! obsession is good for ya :yum:

Watched this Big Star doc last night. Fairly mediocre honestly, they’re a great band and deserve a better film than this.


ooh super jealous of everyone in the states. end of evangelion is one of my all-time favorites and is already absolutely incredible at home, can’t imagine how good it would be be on the big screen

this movie gets more underrated every time I watch it.

nw. have heard a lot of good things about Season 1 and not much good about the rest.

I don’t dislike S2 and S4 as much as a lot of people seem to, but yes there is really something special about S1. S3 flew under the radar a bit but I think it was the second best and very solid all round. I’ve just recently re-watched S1 and I’d still call it the best season of any TV show ever.
I nearly didn’t give it the chance when it came out because of the two movie star leads who I thought were pretty washed up at the time, but they’re both unrecognisable in stunning performances. Aside from that, the show is incredibly gritty, and refreshingly produced in a way that makes everything since look like it was slapped together for streaming services. Excellent soundtrack too.

Average True Detective scene:

MacConaughey, staring vacantly at a dead body: God isn’t real, and all we are is hunks of flesh, straining for meaning on a speck in outer space.

Woody Harrelson in the background, trying to do a kickflip in an effort to seduce a 19 year old: That’s really deep man. You should get laid.

Nearly done with TD Season 1 now, and I totally get why it’s so hyped. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen TV storytelling so perfectly novelistic since The Sopranos, ntm maybe the best direction I’ve ever seen on a TV show. Even the self-indulgent elements are charming. Still not sure whether to go onto Season 2 though honestly.

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It’s so good, and watching it really brought home that Payne deserves to be mentioned up there with the modern greats like PTA. I can’t think of anyone else who mixes genuinely painful, piercing sadness with humor so perfectly.

Maybe try S3 and if you like it go back to 2? They’re all totally distinct so it doesn’t matter.
S2 was over-ambitious (also leading to several very impactful moments) and tried to mix up the formula with more primary characters and a faster burning plot. S3 winds all that back to more of a S1 structure.

Finished Season 1 last night, and yeah, it really is one of the greats. I love how halfway through,

it makes it seem like we’ve reached a resolution, but then it just… keeps going for some reason. That’s such a smart move; the viewer knows there’s like 5 episodes left, so why does everything seem like it’s wrapping up? The effect is discomfiting, like we have all the signifiers of an ending but it’s still going.

I also like how at the end, not everything is wrapped up. Some of those responsible are still at large and might never be caught. That feels right for the kind of story they’re telling, which is marked by absence more than anything. Remember what Hart says to his wife, where he compares himself to the roadrunner, going off the cliff? That sums him and Rust up perfectly, they’re both in search of a closure that they’ll never really find. When it comes to the case, their lives, they’ll always be in search of a perfect finality they’ll never get to. It does seem like they’re somewhat at peace with that at the end though. Speaking of the end, that last scene where they’re looking up at the stars is such a perfect coda to everything.

I’ll get around to S3 eventually, but honestly I have such a huge backlog of both TV and Movies that I doubt it’ll be anytime soon. I’m sure it’s good, but even the most charitable takes say it has nothing on S1.

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mrw when someone calls steely dan mid