Unpopular Music Opinons

Coldplay were actually pretty good in the early 2000’s and I’d go as far as to say they got way too much shit at the time; I just listened to A Rush of Blood To The Head front-to-back for the first time in nearly 15 years and it fucking slaps save for a few duds.

Should add that I agree that their newer material is absolute garbage

"Radiohead blazed a trail through the jungle with a machete and we came along behind and built a strip mall "

-Chris Martin

Yeah, early on they were basically a normie version of Bends-era Radiohead with worse songs. To be fair, there’s way worse albums to lift from.

I’m with ya. I think some stuff even through Viva La Vida was solid. I think I enjoyed less of the “hits” and more of some of the songs that got less attention off that one. I want to say Brian Eno produced a lot of that one?

Nirvana never got as good as the people they imitated and worked with, and peaked with Bleach.


I fucking despise this song.

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My unpopular opinion is Tom Waits is a great poet, but a terrible musician. I can’t hit next fast enough when his songs come on.


I’m not huge on his music in general, and his persona comes off as really contrived, but he has my eternal affection solely because of his amazing cameo in Licorice Pizza.

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This is a safe space, right? :joy:

I’ve never really gotten into Talking Heads. I enjoy a song now and then when I hear them, but we’ve never clicked even though it should be a slam dunk.

Ska is one of the best genre’s

I had to wait two weeks to cool down before I could register my dismay about the Tom Waits-bashing.

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You are not wrong here.

My unpopular Nirvana opinion is that Kurt’s wife’s album, Live Through This has aged far better than Nevermind.


From Oddments to Music

someone told me today that this was their pick for Best Song of the entire 90’s. Honestly, depending on the day, I might agree*

*but even just limited to Mariah songs, it has tough competition in Underneath The Stars and Vision of Love.

speaking of Mariah, this is the only good christmas post-1990 christmas song, and it’s a testament to it’s quality that it hasn’t been absolutely decimated by insane levels of overplay.

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He seems like a nice guy, but John Darnielle’s voice is one of the most wretched sounds ever conceived in the history of the human eardrum.

I agree