Now that I’ve crossed off Phish and Death Grips in the past year, these guys are currently at the top of my list of bands I would sell a kidney to catch live.

checked my last.fm for the first time in a few weeks and turnstile are crushing pretty much every other band

They were playing some pretty big festivals this year right? They’ll definetely be another time to catch them

they are high on my list! pissed I missed them last time they were in Oakland!

I love Turnstile. Did you watch the newest season of I Think You Should Leave? Very un-Turnstile Turstile song in there (by the “Everything You Knows”). I heard it when watching the show and thought “this sounds like Turnstile, but not”… yet it was :smiley:

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Turnstile: “Glow On” Record Release, a hate5six concert film > Citizen Kane

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this is what nicole kidman was watching in that AMC ad