The Last Beatles Song: Now and Then


my thoughts here

Did I hear correctly that Sir Paul composed this song with help from AI? Haven’t heard it yet but after the AI composed duet between Trey and Jerry I’m not sure I want to, lol.

no, they basically cleaned up an old john demo using AI-assisted noise cancellation. john does sound weirdly robotic in it, but that’s probably shitty vocal processing, not the AI.

There’s this really good mini doc about how it was made:

tl;dw it was composed and made by all four original members (+ George Martin’s son Giles) about as genuinely as it could have been. The use of ‘AI’ was massively over-reported, and the doc only mentions the same machine learning tool developed for the Get Back movie.

I agree John’s voice sounds a little weird when he hits the ‘I’ in ‘and if I make it through’, which I could certainly imagine is a result of the tool having to strip out some piano from underneath. I would like to see it published Anthology style with the original John and George tracks and the cleaned up acapella.
Overall it’s a good job though. Very fitting topic and tone in the song as well.

what the actual fuck is this

lol its goofier than the song is, but I guess they were pretty much always like that anyway. I guess they didn’t have the right George footage, but it felt weird seeing John over his solo.
The whole thing has felt a bit dismissive of George, so again what else has changed?

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that’s what makes it really awful; it clashes with the tone of the song so badly

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may as well make this the beatles general thread. loving this version of coming up.