Sufjan Megathread

One of my all-time favorites; his work meant ::a lot:: to me during my teenage years, and even tho I’m not huge on his last 2 or 3 records, he’s already cemented one of our great living songwriters in my book.

New Album Coming in October

Also, thought I’d spotlight a record that I’ve been revisiting in recent weeks, and one that’s gone oddly unappreciated over the years: his 2017 collab album Planetarium. A bit overlong and self-indulgent, but there’s some absolutely phenomenal tunes on there.


I love Sufjan! Here is the first of many Sufjan shows I’ve attended (6 actually including a Christmas singalong and the Planets tour from the album you mentioned). A choir from Berkeley joined for most of this 2006 show (Choir Director was a fan)

Sufjan has been in my top 5 artists/bands for a while now. Current list in no particular order: King Gizz, Sufjan, Pavement, Phish and Joni.

Yikes scary shit:

Javelin is out now (for me at least). This is the most I’ve been into one of his new releases in a really long time! It really does have the multitudes of Sufjan, between the plucky folk sounds and electronica. Very lucid album that I’m looking forward to getting deeper into.

From Oddments to Music

javelin is out! I actually loved it, and I really wasn’t expecting to given how underwhelming I found The Ascension. Definitely in my top 3 for this year so far. Sufjan also posted this today, which was very much unexpected

sufjan’s sexuality has been kind of an open secret, and even a bit of a meme, for a long time, but he’s always been very private about it and to a lesser extent his personal life in general, so it’s fairly shocking to see him publicly acknowledge it. the guy has clearly been through absolute hell as of late but he’s been nothing but relentlessly positive in the face of it. what an absolute king.

when the background vocals kick in on Will Anybody Ever Love Me