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I really want a version of Wrapped for Soulseek.

“You downloaded 76 different versions of Steely Dan’s Gaucho for some reason. What the fuck is wrong with you.”

King Gizz came in at a rare #2 for me this year (De La Soul #1). Mostly because this year I started listening to more live material than studio (at least when streaming, vinyl is different), which is mostly YouTube and a bit of archive. Which also meant they are significantly split on Spotify by the bootleg gizzard page.
I also tried (and failed) twice to leave Spotify, so that knocked a few months out and threw off my stats totally.

More accurate representation of my top 20 artists from Jan 1st 2023 to now:

All that De La but no Tribe?

I do love Tribe probably more than De La, this happened because they finally came to streaming in March and I did my first ever full discography deep dive.
Tribe are #25 all time streamed for me:

My wife and kids also use my Spotify account, and I underestimated how much the kids could listen to one song over and over again. They must get it from dad.

That top song is from Frozen 2. My older daughter and her friend like to sing that one together as loudly as possible. They also fell asleep to it on repeat during a sleepover. Apparently, the same thing happened with I’m Just Ken. Parry Gripp sings annoying ear worms for kids like Turtle. We got a couple tracks from Seussical, the Dr. Seuss musical. We went to see that musical live and my kids got super hooked…surprised we didn’t start a website about it.

Most of my Gizz listening is via .mp3 and .flac files. I like their live shows the most and haven’t really listened to the bootleg gizzard account on Spotify. I’m glad they still came out on top here. How mortifying would it be if my kids listened to more Parry Gripp than I listed to King Gizz?

Don’t know what Zappa is doing on there. I don’t listen to him much these days, but some songs are on long mixes that I shuffle from time to time. If Sun Ra didn’t have a different name for the Arkestra on basically every release, I think he would’ve made the list.

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Ah, yeah. That makes sense. I really should do that too at some point,it’s been a while.

I don’t use Spotify anymore and Tidal doesn’t have this feature (hoping it might pop up at years end) but here’s my top artists for the month:

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I use YouTube music which doesnt give quite the same breakdown but still neat to look. I listened to more live recordings then studio this year, so most of listening is locked up in YouTube and Live Music Archive.

yeah my results don’t reflect my overall listening habits all that well either; I’d say my listening is split fairly evenly between my Plex library, Spotify and vinyl. The former has all my lossless stuff, including nearly over a terabyte of live Phish, ntm it fills in the gap for anything missing from Spotify. It’s also the only solution for sickos like me who need to have like ten versions of every Steely Dan album on the go.

Some tough times this year, alot of Radiohead during those times. Pretty consistent last few years. Bootleg Gizz is changing some of the specs for sure. All Phish listening was live releases.

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My grid is probably a little more accurate seeing as it spans the whole year.

Top 15 albums every day of 2023, including Youtube Music:

image have their own Wrapped thing now.

My results: