Songs you can't stop listening to 2: son(g)s of liberty

rip tha god damo suzuki


I feel like I probably posted this song in here before, but it still applies. This is a new version from Levitation Sessions.

Found this record in a record shop the other day and god damn its pretty wild! Good stuff.

I clicked on that last Elder post link, now I’m stucked with these guys:

Don’t complain, Kadavar are great.

Dude, Elder and Kadavar did an album together! It’s pretty dope, lemme find a link.

Here it is.

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I bought this record for a couple bucks as a goof. Despite it being unabashedly born-again, these cats can play. The jam in this song gets me going every time. Ignore the message, listen to the music.

I watched a documentary on Big Star last night that explained in great detail why they weren’t the biggest band in the world. Still can’t believe they weren’t the biggest band in the world.

I might have brought this up here before, but I think Fleetwood Mac should have their own Wrestling Promotion to resolve their famous band squabbles.

stevie nicks could be part of a tag team called sisters of the moon and her special move is choking dudes out with her massive shawl, and right as she’s about to garrote them, the lights go out, and a silhouetted figure emerges, running for the ring

“oh my god it’s lindsay buckingham with the steel chair!”

watched this doc the other night - enjoyed it way more than i expected.

i think my biggest takeaway was how much documentary film making has changed over the past couple decades. i really appreciated the old-school nature of the big star doc - tons of interviews and went deep into the story. i also enjoy a modern, doc built on “vibes” when my attention span is lacking but this was a refreshing change.

im hooked on the new royel otis. not a ton of diversity to their sound but i’m into it.