Rewatching The Sopranos

The greatest TV show ever turns 25 this year, and come to think of it, I haven’t rewatched it in a good while. I’m going to be rewatching the whole thing over the next few months, and hopefully I won’t be doing it solo. Hoping to knock out maybe 2-3 episodes per week. Picture unrelated.

We watched The Many Saints of Newark over here last week. Based on the reception from fans, I was expecting something way worse (not to say that is was “good”). My highlight may have been teen-aged Tony destroying his eardrums with some Mountain.

I really didn’t like Many Saints at all. It was actually the impetus for me to create a Letterboxd, because I had a lot of thoughts, mostly negative, coming out of it and also I got bored waiting for the bus to arrive.

The review in question:

Not completely terrible, but just so overstuffed that there’s almost no room for the characters to develop, like at all. This would have worked as a longer miniseries, but as a 2 hour movie it crumbles under the weight of trying to encompass so much to the point that it spends the runtime breathlessly sprinting from one scene to another, leaving absolutely no room for anything to leave an impact or feel remotely consequential.

Part of what made the show great is that it was such a slow burn; everything was built up so methodically that you got a really potent insight into what made these people tick. There’s absolutely none of that here; as far as I know what motivated Dickie is that he’s just really horny.

All in all, it’s basically a full season of TV crammed down so mercilessly that it completely kneecaps any sense of momentum or development. The cringe-inducing fan service and occasional terrible performance (especially from Young Silvio) didn’t help either. Very disappointing.

I will give it another watch after I’m done rewatching the show to see if it’s grown on me, but that first watch didn’t leave a good impression at all.

I’m watching it properly all the way through for the first time at the moment! Just finished season 2, really enjoyed the surprise pacing of the finale and weird last episode. Before now it was only ever something I caught bits of on TV as a kid.
I guess no one needs to hear it from me, but it really is fantastic. I haven’t been this taken by a conventional TV series like this in a long time.

They seemed more interested in conducting fan-service than actually writing something good. The pace was indeed manic and left little room for the audience to invest in any given character. Oh well. Curse of the prequel?

I refused to watch Many Saints. As long as I don’t see it, it can’t affect the Sopranos canon as I know it.

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Still haven’t started this lol. True Detective S1 is on the docket next.

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When I binged The Sopranos a long while ago, it really affected my outlook on life for a while. I started thinking like a mobster and being kind of an asshole. Watch out. It gets in your head.