Prayers up for Matt Christman (Chapo Trap House)

No idea if anyone listens to CTH here, but I’ve been a subscriber since I was like 17, and they’re one of the most consistently quality podcasts out there, so seeing this post on their Patreon was a real bummer.

This is definitely the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to put out through the show. Last Tuesday morning, Matt Christman suffered a sudden, severe medical emergency that will require a significant period of recovery. He is currently in the hospital in stable condition. We are trying very hard to be optimistic, but there’s no easy way to say that he will be out of commission for the indefinite future.

As many of you are aware, Matt and his wife Amber Rollo are also expecting their first child, a daughter, and her delivery is scheduled this Sunday as well. We are all so, so excited and happy to welcome a new little Christman into the world, and we were looking forward to announcing this under better circumstances. But this situation is obviously drastically complicated by Matt’s medical emergency.

We are a family, so we are currently shifting all our priorities and attention to caring for Matt & Amber. A silver lining is Matt is so loved he has a tremendous support network out here - they are surrounded by friends and family and we are all-hands-on-deck helping them through these both tragic and joyous life events.

Really bad situation all around, really hoping for a swift recovery, these are all super funny, tight-knit dudes who have given me years of entertainment, and it sucks to see this avalanche of bad luck hit them.

If you’re not familiar with Chapo or Matt’s work, I’d highly rec listening to his great history miniseries on the Thirty Years War called Hell on Earth, especially if you’re not into the political stuff Chapo usually dabble in.