Anyone else have a Plex library? Over time it’s replaced pretty much every streaming service and app I used for movies, TV and music with the notable exception of Spotify. It does takes a bit of work to get going, but it’s become absolutely invaluable both at home and on mobile, to the point that I shelled out for a lifetime Plex Pass today.

I have off and on used Plex heavily. I’m a bit on now for mostly gizz related stuff. Plex does have a nice Plex together thing that lets you watch movies together with people remotely.

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Plex is great!! It is so convenient and fun. When you use sites like 123 movies or something, you always are dealing with glitches and porn pop ups. It’s nice to watch a movie illegally in peace hahaha. It was fun getting to customize movie covers in the library. My ex had it. It was amazing having him download whatever I wanted for me. It’s a shame I didn’t get to watch all of it. All though I still have the login somewhere and he didn’t care that his ex before me was on it soooo :thinking: lol but probably not.

Maybe I need to get on that game and have my own, but I think I have that one PSA engraved in my brain. At the same time, the PSA made it look badass to do haha

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The real kicker is that it’s just as good for music - Plexamp is an amazing app, and if you’ve got a decent internet connection and a solid offline music collection, you basically have your own free lossless streaming service. Super handy for artists like GD and Phish where the bulk of their stuff isn’t on streaming services, and you can stream all of it in lossless quality (which Spotify doesn’t have) and your storage doesn’t take any hit.

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for movies, I actually still have a decent physical collection. The recent writers strike, ntm the recent spate of removals from the likes of HBO Max, make a pretty good case for keeping those around honestly; it feels like streaming is just increasingly untenable for pretty much everyone involved. have actually started upgrading my Blu-Rays to 4K as of late…