New Year's Resolutions

Weirdly enough, I’ve never had any, but this year I’ve decided to set a few goals for the end of 2024. One is pretty small (finally get a receiver for my Hi-Fi setup) and the other fairly big (finally learn to drive; we have great public transport in Ireland but I’m 24 and a little too old to have everything tied a bus schedule). What about ye?

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I don’t do the whole New Years Resolution thing, but my current goal is to lose (a lot of) weight and get in shape. I had the flu over the week of Thanksgiving and since then I’ve basically been doing a hard reset of my life. Eating better, haven’t been using any drugs/alcohol except some minimal caffeine from green tea (I’m not a quitter, lol, but I know when things have become habits rather than just pleasurable pastimes for me), being more mindful of my mental and physical health in general. It’s a process but it’s coming along. My goal in the new year is to continue moving along this road that I’ve started down.

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Be more mindful.
Spend more time at home.
Spend more money on habits and passions that are actually productive/healthy
Less sugar

I try not to focus on “end/beginning of year” stuff since it can put pressure on oneself. These are all things I’ve been working on and will continue to work on throughout the year. I have a problem cultivating healthy habits, so a big spotlight on all my issues never helps lol. Everyone have a happy, heathly year and focus building up a little at a time!

Got a headstart on the first resolution…


Looks kind of like the one I had as a teenager.

They dont make them like they used to…

Also I was thinking about this thread and want to add another resolution: listen to a new song every day in 2024. Maybe I’ll talk about my journey here on the forums haha


That’s a nice resolution

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I haven’t had a New Year’s resolution in a long time, but inadvertently this year I came up with a simple one. All of 2023 I favoured crossing my legs one way, and now I have switched to crossing the other way with the other leg on top.

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Mine are work less, more time with family, more Gizz, more fishing.


Check in time! How’s everybody keeping up with their Resolutions?

I’ve posted a new song review on the forum everyday so far :wink:


first one is going great, receiver will be here in a few days. the second one…

You should get one of those new driver tester jobs to pass the time while you’re waiting.