Listening to a New Song Every Day in 2024

I actually like a handful of Wallen’s songs, namely More Than My Hometown and Man Made A Bar, but Last Night is a genuinely wretched song. It’s so generic and anodyne that it straight up makes me angry every time it comes on; I can’t think of another so piss poor that it complete fails to justify it’s own existence. It’s a shame, because when he actually puts in some effort, (and not acting like a fucking moron) Wallen is one of the few people in mainstream country I can stand.

Feb. 8th: Miley Cyrus - Flowers

You know, I thought I had heard this song before but I really dont think so. This sounds eerily like another song that I simply can’t place right now…

Wait wait wait, I found it: it sounds like Waterfalls by TLC.

Sure it’s up tempo but the funky bassline is there and so are the reverbed vocals. Can’t fool me Hannah Montana.

Anyway, I actually really like this song. It’s layered and produced well. I’ve always liked Miley’s voice and hey, I get it, sometimes you have to ride a wrecking ball to stand out in the modern pop scene.

But now that she’s at the number 2 spot, at least she’s doing something useful with it unlike Whalen…


Feb. 9th: SZA - Snooze

Fine song. No time today.


Feb 10th: Taylor Swift - Anti-hero

It’a pretty popular to shit on T-Swift these days and who am I to go against popular opinion. I know the lyrics have a completely different meaning but they seem very ironic based on her current headlines. And her composition here is just flat here compared to alot of her other songs. I like T-Swift but this song isnt why.


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Feb 11th: Selena Gomez - Calm Down


This is quite a turn into fully commercial pop music.

Well that’s all that is on the Billboard Top 10 of 2023 I’m afraid lol

I wanted to give my usual writing for each, I had extended weekend plans…

Feb. 12th: The Weeknd - Die for You

I’ve never been the biggest R&B fan but what is this. This ambles along with tacky lyrics and I’m begging for SOME kind of vocal range.

This song released in 2016 and only topped the charts last year. If there’s a contemporary reason why a song is rediscovered/highlighted from a previous year, its almost always Tik Tok. That remains true this time and now everything makes sense: this song is clipped and usually not used in its entirety


Feb. 13th: David Guetta and Bebe Rexha - I’m Good (Blue)

David Guetta’s “Get Up” was my ringtone for awhile in high school. I don’t know if I liked the song enough to make it my ringtone or was just trying to hate it but either way, David Guetta is fine.

I don’t listen to much electronic music anymore but I do like his originals. This is basically a remix of Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” with new lyrics. Does that count as a remix? Heavily sampled rewrite? Re imagining?

Anyway, this song is actually pretty good. Very dancey and certainly a good Friday night anthem. Can’t knock it for that.

Its a little short for my tastes but someone will remix it and make it longer, I’m sure.


Feb 14th: Altin Gun - Halkali Seker

Sick on Valentines Day and still recovering so posting a day late.

Frontwoman Merve Dasdemir has decided to leave Altin Gun, so let’s enjoy a new (to me) goodie.

All their songs are beautiful, meandering, and funky. I recently learned that they mostly reimagine Turkish classics and this is no exception.


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Feb. 15th: Esen Musik - Halkali Seker

While I’m here, might as well listen to the original.

This is certainly funky but I like the cover better in this instance. This happened to me once too when I learned “Maggie’s Farm” wasnt written by Rage Against the Machine.


Feb 16th: The Sisters and Whoopi Goldberg - Hail Holy Queen

Sitting on my couch still sick in a fever dream, I watched Sister Act for the first time.

The choir song is incredible classically but the reimagining after is defintely the star of the show. The feel good hit of 1992.

I’m going back to bed now.


Merve is leaving the band? Ouch.

Yeah, that sucks. They said they’ll be continuing as a 5 piece though so at least the band isn’t ending. Now I’m really glad I went to see them though.

Feb. 17th: Nick Shoulders - Appreciate’cha

This sickness just won’t quit…

Nick Shoulders is someone who has always appeared in my recommendeds but have just started listening to for a show in April.

Nothing like some true bluegrass to get you going. Punk as bluegrass gets. A tad repetitive but ultimately a winner


Punk as bluegrass gets

This is all I needed to know. Its more Country to my ear, but I’m so glad I checked it out. Feels like Country is really strong as a genre at the moment, so much real genuine talent is coming through, and so many blends with other styles. Not sure what will happen after Beyonce’s album, but I’m here to find out.

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I think you’re right: I watched a quick live clip and if you listen, there is a drum kit and what looks like an electric guitar. So you’re right: Country. Although in his YouTube videos, his hastag is #yallternative

Apart from that, his lyrics are on the nose but that’s what I like about him. Arkansas born and bred and a liberal fighter at heart.

Feb. 18th: Sturgill Simpson - It Ain’t All Flowers

Wow, what a song. This is an incredible blend of country, pyschedlic, and blues. Alternating between spacey pysch explorations and soulful country verses, this has an interesting tempo that varies throughout the song. Coupled with Simpson’s slightly distorted but still talented voice, this is an incredible composition.

I’m slapped with these guitar riffs out of nowhere that are just incredible and complement Simpson’s vocals so much.

For the last minute of the song, there’s a hip hop like outro that almost gives the impression of a recording repeating or scratching. Its interesting but I am glad it doesnt go on for too long and I would have preferred the tempo and riffs of the bridges here to end the song.

Still, I was listening to the rest of the album too and this one is definetely a winner. We might stay with Sturgill for awhile or at least keep on this country kick: who knows.


I’m sorry to break it to you like this.