Music League - League #5 - A Trip to Japan (playlist)

I just put both of these suggestions in the spreadsheet.

Were you across it before? It has blown up massively over the last 6 months or so for a debut single. They had a strong underground build with their live show and got in with good management/major label very early, but its still shockingly well put together.
I remember thinking how has no one made this song before? the first time I heard it, sounds fresh but also like everyone’s favourite band from 20 years ago at the same time.

It’s playlist time!

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Shit, I was this close to picking “Do that Stuff.” Great minds, I guess.

Wow I really want to go to a party with y’all now!!!

Awesome round! :tada: Let’s run it again, anyone got good category suggestions? Put em in the google sheet and we’ll choose from there.


@Listening_Wind takes the round with a perfect 100. Way to go!

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New thread title is… inaccurate. :rofl:

Is he a 3 time champ?!

Honestly I win so much I’ve lost count, lol

I thought I won the first or second round on a technicality, but it doesn’t matter. Just having a goof.


Time to vote for the next categories! Vote for as many as you’d like and feel free to abstain as well.

  • Share a song by an artist that has less than 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • Only songs with dirty lyrics
  • Guilty Pleasures - Dreadfully uncool songs you love.
  • Birth years: We all put songs from the year we were born in
  • King Gizz only
  • One degree of separation from King Gizzard. Side projects, immediate collaborators, past bands etc.
  • Falling Leaves: Songs that make you think of/feel like Autumn
  • Mellow Mood: Songs that help you relax/chill
  • Psychedelic Rock: It’s almost all of ours top genre. So let’s battle it out.
  • A trip to Japan - Like the world traveler theme, but we only put songs from Japan
  • Melancholic Songs - Songs that make you weep like a little baby
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Yeah, iirc I took rounds 1 & 4, we tied in round 2 but you won the tiebreaker (which makes it yours fair & square as far as I’m concerned) and…I missed most of round 3, was it Wyatt that took that one?

Correct, Wyatt took round 3.

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Been a very rewarding experience so far. Its nice to be validated, but I’m still surprised every time at what does well and what doesn’t haha.

New league, sign up! Music League

Oh cool !!! 3 of the 4 are my prompts : )

Extended the deadline for round one once more. Bring on the birth years!

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Damn I forgot

Here was my picks for 2002 since I’m a baby lol

Emo honorable mention

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