Irish Bank on Fifth Avenue: A descent into madness

Producer: it’s just a bank, calm dow-

Vocalist in the booth who just slammed ten rails of ketamine in a row: BANK OF IRELAND NEW YOOOOOOOOORK

Nearly a month later and I can’t stop thinking about this fucking video. I actually live by a Bank of Ireland branch, I pass it pretty much every day and whenever I do, all I can think for the rest of the day is IRISH BANK ON FIFTH AVENUE, BANK OF IRELAND NEW YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK

weakest bank of ireland in new york customer

I love that there’s like three guys, myself included, who are absolutely obsessed with this ad. Highly considering getting “BANK OF IRELAND NEW YORK” tattoo’d across my back in all caps. Mad props to whoever made this masterpiece.

The closure of Bank of Ireland New York/Irish Bank on Fifth Avenue is the most tragic thing to ever happen in the Big Apple, and yes that includes 9/11


I’ve become so obsessed with this ad now that I’m after emailing the guy who uploaded it to find where it came from. I will not eat or sleep before I find out who’s behind this masterpiece.

So if I start a bank and call it “Bank of Ireland New York”, I’ll be good with the whole copyright infringement thing, yeah?

I mean, you could, but it’d incredibly disrespectful to the lived experience of those who experienced the closure of Bank of Ireland New York / Irish Bank on Fifth Avenue. There was a bank in New York, it was the brightest around, it showed faith in their future, kept their feet on the ground and then overnight it was just gone. Hard to get across how traumatic that was for some people. Man it sure made it’s mark.

They need to play this ad during the Super Bowl, it’s the only way to truly unite America again.

What’s so bad about rekindling the flame that was extinguished long before its time?

Used to work a couple doors over from The Irish Bank in San Francisco… would often pop over for a two-Guinness lunch with a side of bangers