General Vinyl Thread

I know your wallets won’t thank me, but for the Vinyl lovers I’d appreciate you checking out and considering my first KGLW bootleg Vinyl campaign project Infest The Red Rocks Nest

new shellac album baybeeeeee! instant pre-order


Great article about the enshittification happening over at Discogs.

If you want an idea of just how bad it’s gotten, I sold a record there for €215 including shipping just a few days ago. With the Discogs fee and Paypal fee, that went down to around 180 (the grey amounts you see next to the prices in the screencap are just the Discogs fees, Paypal took another 16 quid on top of that) It was sold to someone else in Europe, so there would be even more fees and taxes if it was an international transaction. That’s not sustainable. Worst of all, Discogs forces everyone to use PayPal now, who have horrendous exchange rates, so there’s no way to avoid any of those fees.


I no longer sell on Discogs, only Ebay. Things seem to sell faster and the fees, while still not great, aren’t as steep. I buy a little on Discogs, but only if it’s something I think I’ll never find in person.