General Vinyl Thread

I do put outers on more valuable items and ones with sentimental value, but still haven’t gotten around to putting them on all the others, ntm boxsets like The Smile Sessions and my Randy Newman set that will need custom-made sleeves.

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fuuuck if i didn’t already have a copy, I would pick this up for the poster alone.

most well-adjusted steely dan fan

Gonna show this to my partner every time I run out for audio equipment lol

The Gospel of Han-Tyumi is sounding good through the new receiver!

It was sad to get the official cancellation of the Epicenter Chicago '23 box today. Did anyone pick-up the Levitation version? Probably going to head in that direction (only $170, which seems like a steal) but want to get some notes on how the pressing sounds, quality of packaging, etc. Anyone?

Jist finished listening to a new interview with The High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan, and he confirmed their older albums including Gideon Gaye ane Hawaii are getting reissued on wax! Very good news for me, as I was very tempted to drop nearly 100 quid on a used copy of Hawaii last week.

The part in question is about 1 hour, 55 minutes in.

This is GREAT news, even if my credit card is whimpering in response.

I’m waiting until I get the last 2 gizz albums I need to complete my discog for a family photo, in the meantime here’s a pic of my silly setup.


Nonagon slipmat?!? Unnnh wannnt

Traded in a whole bunch of CDs yesterday. Used store credit to pick up the following LPs:

Black Sabbath - Master of Reality ('79 reissue)
Larry Coryell - Spaces ('71 repress)
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing… (reissue)
Duke Ellington / Charles Mingus / Max Roach - Money Jungle ('72 reissue)
Donald Fagen / Walter Becker / Denny Diaz - You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (Or You’ll Lose That Beat) (@phreakbrain)
Hampton Grease Band - Music to Eat (Pitman pressing)
Hatfield and the North - self-titled (bootleg from the Netherlands)
Gong - Gong Est Mort (live '77, French pressing)
The Lounge Lizards - self-titled (first)
NRBQ - Tiddlywinks (first)
Rose City Band - Summerlong (Gumball variant)
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James (Terre Haute repress)
Weather Report - Black Market (Terre Haute)
Woodoo - Taikakulkunen (reissue of some wild Finnish psych-prog)

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Anyone have any good stories about great deals you missed out on? I have a few.

I got a copy of Phish’s Two Soundchecks for my brother. Didn’t get one for myself. I also should have grabbed the Baker’s Dozen box. Get those and I’ll have all the Phish vinyl releases. But alas, I’m going to end up paying out the ass for them at some point.

To a much lesser degree, Boris’ Pink when it was pressed by Southern Lord but really, I can get a good copy of for $100 or less . . . so not too bad.

so good. huge lurie fan here.

What did you think of his memoir?

I’m spinning the last side of Levitation’s Chicago 2023 box today and I gotta say, this whole set of records sounds great. Nearly zero problems with the sound (ok, maybe just a hair quiet overall). The inners have photos of the band and the crowd on both sides, which is a very cool touch.

I’ve been a loud Fuzz Club fan for awhile, but Levitation may have won me over with this one.

it’s sitting right here on my shelf, but I have a very, very long backlog so I probably won’t be starting it until 2056 or so.

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