General Vinyl Thread

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Records $3,600
Utility $150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

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I never understood people who shit on wall displays. Many records are worth their cost as art prints alone, and the alternative is what, maybe you’ll notice the spine one day looking for something to spin? I have this shrine in my office, but I also have more around my turntable, it’s great to ‘reserve’ something you want to listen to later. We should be appreciating all the aspects that make the format unique.

Nice display! We have a wooden rack above our record player that holds 4 albums. Every week or two, I’ll change what’s on display to fit a certain theme or mood. (Sometimes we play “guess the theme.”)

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I think displaying vinyl on the wall is like displaying guitars on the wall. It’s fine as long as you take them down and play with them regularly.

Yes, I am listening to Wolfman Jack’s 45 greatest 45s, and no I don’t feel bad about it.

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Woah, dream setup right here.
That’s fair enough, kids who don’t have a turntable buying records to put on the wall is definitely a bit weird, but as long as it gets them into the hobby. I think the bigger issue is when the release is marketed toward exactly that, it becomes a bit of a foregone conclusion.

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Thanks! I remodeled this basement room just to be a music listening and jam space. The stereo equipment is almost all thrifted or from estate sales. Most of the speakers are being stored until they can be restored and / or sold off… I’m always looking for a candidate for the next upgrade. Currently hooked up through some ~1974 KLH 354s that I restored, the wood ones on the stands.

Love the Neu! album nestled amongst all that Gizz. Good stuff.

Don’t sleep on that Nektar / Tab in the Ocean.

I spy an EXCELLENT Dave Brubek album!

Wife snagged us this off of Etsy I believe, 3D printed but solid material and firmly screwed into the wall!

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Home set-up, plus speaker that I am festooning with Gizz slappies.

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Mine are 3d printed hooks that are just attached with command strips. Works great.

If anyone gets the chance to hit Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, PA, don’t pass it up. Stuffed floor-to-ceiling with what has to be close to a million used records (at sane prices), it’s an all around amazing experience.

If we’re being materialistic anyway, shall we go Discogs > Collection > Median value highest to lowest?
I’ve only ever bought one record for higher than RRP, and it was none of these which are all listened to regularly. In fact that copy of SOBE is sitting up on my wall display next to a different album that fell off recently when we were removing tiles from the other side of the wall lol. Lesson learned.

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My top, by a lot:
Vulfpeck - Vinyl Discography ($249 USD median)

I have no idea what The KLF is, but one of these is not like the others.

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Every few months I come back to this fantastic Patsy Cline compilation by Third Man and remember that it’s some of the best shit ever made. Crazy to think she was only recording professionally for four years and in that time crafted one of the most flawless bodies of work in country.

the frozen soundtrack slaps and I won’t hear anything otherwise blud

Oooh I want in on this median measuring contest

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