Framework Laptops

Anyone have one of these? Really interesting.

These laptops are made up of largely modular components (i.e. largely replaceable) making them a lot easier to service. Even the USB ports are modular, which is a killer feature to me. Newer models even allow you to swap out the dedicated GPU. I usually go through one laptop every 3-4 years, so this could be pretty great bang for my buck. Also a little sick of the bloatware most OEM’s slap on these things, my Lenovo is great but every few weeks, Windows Update sneaks the crap it shipped with back on, and it’s a pain to uninstall.

I don’t have one, but I’ve seen one in action ~2 months ago and it seems like a really nice device.

I was amazed by the 3:2 aspect ratio which I would enjoy for my coding needs
(having code side by side).

The build looked pretty solid and all the modular bits and pieces seem awesome!

Personally, I would probably go for the AMD one (the one I saw had an Intel CPU)

same. the Intel model is the same price as the AMD model though, which is a little odd. honestly the 16 isn’t an amazing deal, and that’s even with me providing my own storage and RAM, which is a bummer cos 13" (actually 11.68 inches across) is just too small for my liking. Also, I don’t necessarily upgrade my GPU that much (maybe once every 5 years if the current rate of progress continues) and the modules are crazy expensive, so with that in mind, it isn’t really any better value for me, even in the long term. If the CPU was somehow replacable without having to swap out the entire mobo, I’d maybe go for it, but that even being possible is fairly unlikely.