2024-05-16 @ Stadthalle in Offenbach, Germany

Maybe waiting for a longer show (marathon) or venue restriction? It’s all speculation, but we do know about their plans to follow through with the synth material. It’ll happen when it happens.

Just speculation on my part but they didn’t have the electronic pads at all last night, so setting them up in the kit then deliberately taking them away makes me think we are super close to TSC debuts. But then again, I heard them soundcheck Dragon in June 23 and they didn’t end up debuting it until well into the next tour.

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Our very own Tora Tapes is live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxJ7xZYHUvY


A true legend

Here we go!

robot stop intro?

Feels like it could be. The nonagon was being projected moments ago

that was a ballsy presumptuous edit on my part but i think this is robot

Oooh a gamma opener


I wonder if that intro had some new album stuff going on

KGLW Streams | Facebook streamus live too

Just got back. This is a Gamma Knife? Woah.


I love what they do with breakdown live, so good.

The People Vultures single video backdrop? How long has it been since that’s been used? That’s an oldie.

Cool extended segue into vultures

threw me off haha, almost thought they weren’t done with Gamma

First ever gamma → vultures?

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I’m torn between > and → here but maybe!

I think so tbh

I didn’t hear it as → on first listen, need to review it though.